Join us for the Grown Up Games! Was your favorite day in school Field Day? If so, then the Grown Up Games is for you! We are bringing back all of your favorites and then some with relay races, eating contests, tug o war and more! In addition, we will have tons of free giveaways, a live DJ, food trucks, drink specials and more! All of this to help support Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation in their effort to battle colon cancer!

Participants will be placed into teams of six and compete in a medley of games to earn points. At the end of the day, the team with the most points will be anointed King of the Playground! Sign up as an individual or put a whole team of your own in (teams consist of at least 6 players but may have more).


What kind of games will be played?

Everything from your classic games at the playground to modified versions of your favorites to completely ridiculous, brand new games. If your mind can conceive of it, it is a possibility.

Each game may have a variety of formats, from head to head match ups, to tournament style eliminations to timed events judging teams against all of the competition. Games vary from year to year, and the final games list will be announced in the days leading up to the event.

Example of past games:

  • Don’t Touch The Lava
  • Tug o War
  • Bird Box Challenge
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Speed Jenga
  • Giant Pong
  • Waterballoon Volleyball
Don’t understand half of the events? Don’t worry. We’ll explain later!


Teams will consist of at least 6 players. There are no gender requirements, but coed teams are encouraged!
Don’t have enough to make a team? Make some new friends by signing up as an Individual and get placed with a small group or team of other Individuals to form your brand new team and new best friends for life (or at least the day!).


Recess Royalty!
The team that has the most points at the end of the day will be crowned Recess Royalty! Taking home the prestigious Grown Up Gold as well as other prizes!

Team Spirit Award
The team that exudes the most team spirit will be awarded the team spirit award. Criteria will be determined by best costume (team themed costumes are encouraged!), sportsmanship and creativity. This award will be voted on by staff and volunteers at the event.

Charitable Champions
The team that collectively fundraises the most money for the Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation will be publicly recognized and given a super-secret special prize!

Thank you.


Putting together a team for the office? Look no further – the Grown Up Games is perfect for a corporate groups – in fact we have an entire division dedicated to letting corporate teams compete against each other!E


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